Food Chain

Purchasing Bostrom Farm Meats shortens your food chain.

Merely a few links from producer to consumer:

Link 1- Us, the GROWER. We grow the stock on summer pastures, and winter hay from our soon to be certified organic meadows. In addition we grow our own grains for the pigs, (no waste food or other items, just our own corn, grown using organic methods, harvested from our land and dried in our greenhouse, no need for propane to dry our!)

Link 2- Locust Grove, Argyle New York, the PROCESSOR. A small family owned USDA inspected packing house that I have used for nearly 20 years. They are Animal Welfare approved and offer a service like no other. This includes small batch grinding of beef and pork and fantastic sausages mixes.

Link 3- YOU, folks and families from the neighborhood to far beyond having Bostrom Farm meats on your table. Purchasing from the Farmers Market, CSA shares, mail order or from “Green fields Market” or “McCuskers”.