Our pork production is very unique and seasonal. By keeping quantities small, we are able to raise our pigs on pasture supplemented with grains for our summer pork. In the fall and winter, we feed quality hay, and our own non-gmo corn.

Products include:

Chops- Meaty, thick, firm pork chops, texture,taste and differs as well in appearance.

Bacon- We offer three types of bacon, for the bacon snob or champion of Sunday morning.

Belly bacon, thick, meaty with deep flavour.

Butt bacon. A beefy cut from the shoulder, rich in flavour and perfect for a BLT.

Jowl bacon. Uncut, so slice it as you wish, the fat is almost translucent, buttery in taste.

Boneless Smoked Hams- These range in size from 2 pounds to 5 pounds

A great center piece for the family dinner or sliced for a great sandwich.

These are very popular with the “Fived Eyed Fox” eatery in Turners Falls.